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How to Stream and Download Music from

Joynathu Download Music: How to Stream and Download the Latest Music from Made On Monday

If you are a fan of Malawian music, you might have heard of Joynathu, a website that allows you to stream and download the latest music from Made On Monday, a popular radio show hosted by Joy Nathu. But what is Joynathu exactly, and how can you use it to enjoy your favorite tunes? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, so keep reading.

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What is Joynathu?

Joynathu is a website that was launched in 2020 by Joy Nathu, a renowned radio personality and DJ in Malawi. The website aims to provide a platform for Malawian artists to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. Joynathu features a variety of genres, such as hip-hop, dancehall, afrobeat, R&B, gospel, and more. You can find both established and upcoming artists on Joynathu, as well as exclusive premieres and interviews. Joynathu also allows you to stream and download music for free, without any registration or subscription required.

What is Made On Monday?

Made On Monday is a radio show that airs every Monday from 8 pm to 10 pm on MBC Radio 2 FM. The show is hosted by Joy Nathu, who plays the latest and hottest music from Malawian artists. The show also features segments such as Artist of the Week, Top 10 Countdown, Freestyle Session, and more. Made On Monday is one of the most popular and influential radio shows in Malawi, as it gives exposure and recognition to local talent. Many artists have gained fame and success after being featured on Made On Monday.

How to stream and download music from Joynathu

Streaming and downloading music from Joynathu is very easy and convenient. All you need is an internet connection and a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the website

The first step is to visit the website at . You will see the homepage with the logo, menu, banner, and latest releases.

Step 2: Browse the library

The next step is to browse the library of songs available on Joynathu. You can use the menu to navigate between different categories, such as Home, Library, About Us, Contact Us, etc. You can also use the search bar to find a specific song or artist. You will see the song title, artist name, genre, year of release, and play or download button for each song.

Step 3: Choose a song

The third step is to choose a song that you want to stream or download. You can click on the song title or artist name to see more details about the song, such as lyrics, comments, ratings, etc. You can also listen to a preview of the song before downloading it.

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Step 4: Click on the play or download button

The fourth step is to click on the play or download button depending on what you want to do. If you want to stream the song, you will be redirected to a new tab where you can listen to the song online. If you want to download the song, you will be prompted to save the file to your device. You can choose the format and quality of the file, such as mp3, mp4, etc.

Step 5: Enjoy the music

The fifth and final step is to enjoy the music that you have streamed or downloaded from Joynathu. You can play the music on your device or transfer it to other devices. You can also share the music with your friends and family via social media or messaging apps.

Why choose Joynathu for your music needs

There are many reasons why you should choose Joynathu for your music needs. Here are some of them:

  • Joynathu offers a wide range of music genres and artists from Malawi, so you can discover new and exciting music that suits your taste and mood.

  • Joynathu allows you to stream and download music for free, without any registration or subscription required. You can access unlimited music anytime and anywhere.

  • Joynathu supports local talent and promotes Malawian culture and identity. You can support your favorite artists and help them grow their fan base and career.

  • Joynathu provides high-quality audio and video files that are compatible with most devices and platforms. You can enjoy clear and crisp sound and visuals.

  • Joynathu updates its library regularly with the latest releases from Made On Monday and other sources. You can stay updated with the current trends and happenings in the Malawian music scene.


In conclusion, Joynathu is a website that allows you to stream and download the latest music from Made On Monday, a popular radio show hosted by Joy Nathu. Joynathu is a great platform for Malawian music lovers, as it offers a variety of genres, artists, features, and benefits. If you want to enjoy the best of Malawian music, visit today and start streaming and downloading your favorite songs.

Do you have any questions about Joynathu or Made On Monday? Here are some FAQs that might help you:


  • What is the difference between streaming and downloading?

Streaming means playing the music online without saving it to your device. Downloading means saving the music file to your device so you can play it offline.

  • How can I contact Joynathu or Joy Nathu?

You can contact Joynathu or Joy Nathu via their website, email, phone, or social media accounts. You can find their contact details on their website under the Contact Us section.

  • How can I submit my music to Joynathu or Made On Monday?

If you are an artist who wants to submit your music to Joynathu or Made On Monday, you can send your song via email or WhatsApp to Joy Nathu. You can find his email address and phone number on his website under the About Us section.

  • How can I support Joynathu or Made On Monday?

If you want to support Joynathu or Made On Monday, you can do so by streaming and downloading their music, sharing their website and social media pages, leaving positive feedback and ratings, and recommending them to your friends and family.

  • What are some of the best songs from Joynathu or Made On Monday?

This is a subjective question, as different people have different preferences and opinions. However, some of the most popular and acclaimed songs from Joynathu or Made On Monday are:

  • Zikomo by Gwamba ft. Kell Kay

  • Ndizakumvera by Saint ft. Macelba

  • Mwana Wa Mayi by Piksy ft. Lulu

  • Ndine by Sangie

  • Mwachande by Martse ft. Nepman


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